Financial Life Planning Approach

EnRich Financial Partners takes a values-based financial planning approach to help our clients identify areas of their life that are most important to them. We start by asking a series of questions that assist clients to discover their highest desires and values. After these are discovered, we help prioritize them into goals and develop a plan to start working toward achieving those goals.

Our planning process helps create order in our clients' financial lives to help them feel confident and prepared. Our discovery process helps us to uncover your financial needs, understand what is most important to you, and organize your finances using our coherent approach. Often times a client comes to us with a puzzle that has several different pieces to it, but they don't know where to start in putting it together. We ask: What is the most important piece to the puzzle? Some think it is the corner pieces, others say it is the edges. To us, the most important piece is the picture on the box. The big picture that gives us the finished look. When we consider this in terms of financial planning, it is only after we understand what our client wants their long-term financial plan to look like, the cover on the puzzle box, that we can then start analyzing the various pieces that fit into the puzzle and put together a long-term financial plan.


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