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Happy Holidays from EnRich Financial Partners Thumbnail

Happy Holidays from EnRich Financial Partners

Happy Holidays!

In a year filled with challenges, it continues to be a joy and privilege to collaborate with our clients and fellow professionals. It is their support that makes our jobs easier and our lives more fulfilling. 

We wanted to express a sincere thank you to our clients, colleagues, fellow professionals, and our families for supporting us and giving us the chance to do what we love.

We also wanted to take a moment and share a little about what each of us on the team has been up to during this most unique year!

We wish you happiness and health throughout the coming year.  

The Rich family (Chris, Elaine, Jackie & Henry) greeted 2020 while in Spain on what we thought would be the start of a year filled with travel adventures. If you know us, you know it’s one of our favorite pastimes. Instead, we’ve found ourselves at home, reacquainting ourselves with our back yard over the summer and cozying up around the fireplace in the cold months watching lots of Netflix and Disney+. Jackie (15) is a freshman at West High, and Henry (9) is a third grader at Randall Elementary in Madison. Neither likes virtual learning, but they are getting on with it. We are very much looking forward to a brighter 2021. 

The world was turned upside down this year, but the Dinndorf family (Neil, Lisa, Grace & Luke) just kept on being Dinndorfs.  After a ski trip to CO in January and seeing Lisa's sister get married in February, they have kept themselves amused for the first time in forever being unbusy. Games of memory, UW-themed Spot It, Zoom hangouts with friends, virtual teaching/learning, family talent shows, bike rides, summer swim sessions, winter ski days and developing our culinary taste buds make up most of our days. Grace (8) is in second grade at Queen of Peace in Madison and Luke (5) is in the 4K program at Hickory Hill Academy. Lisa has embraced the word pivot and has spent the first half of the year teaching her Memorial High School culinary students from their kitchen at home. While they look forward to a renewed start in 2021, they've appreciated the extra time together through the course of the year.

2020 for Emily’s family (Emily, Barrett & Gavin) has consisted of working from home, virtual school, and cats! They’ve had two cats, Nyx and Moros, for a while, and in January, two cats they’d been fostering since June were adopted. The Jacobsens were so happy they were off to their forever home, but Barrett then realized he’s also a crazy cat lady and they needed more cats again. They next adopted two kittens, Phobos and Deimos. All in all, they’re so grateful for an otherwise happy and healthy year.

2020 has kept the Krenke family at home, with Nikki, Ben, Brenna (18), and Allison (7) all logged in doing work, school, and play virtually. Our cats, Chichi and Chip, have truly been delighted with this situation; they’ve finally been invited to work and school with us! We have spent a lot of time playing games, reading, cuddling cats, watching the Mandalorian, and purging and sprucing up some long-neglected areas of our home. We are looking forward to a quiet end to this year, with hope for better things to come in 2021.

Dave, Jill, and Brett Richgels enjoyed spending a lot of time together walking the nature trails behind our house, playing various games on our deck and cooking/grilling together over this summer. We missed attending our usual Badger sporting events but are grateful we can follow them virtually.   Brett moved to Boston in the fall, and we hope to spend Christmas together.  We wish everyone a wonderful holiday season and a healthy new year!        


Joining EnRich near the end of 2020 was a highlight for Marlena this year. Prior to that and the global pandemic, she visited friends in Spain and Portugal and enjoyed some time in the mountains of Colorado and on the beaches of North Carolina. Now working primarily from home, she has had the good fortune of spending lots of extra time with her fur-babies, two Australian Shepherds named Maverick and Goose, and one tuxedo kitty cat named Sir Paul.

Warm Wishes from our families to yours....

 EnRich Financial Partners LLC