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Who We Work With

Who We Work With

We are best suited to work with individuals and families with current investable assets greater than $250,000 or the ability to pay an annual retainer fee of at least $2,500.

Types of clients we work with

Corporate Executives Madison, WI EnRich Financial PartnersCorporate Executives

Executives and corporate professionals with complex needs with respect to restricted stock unit and stock option planning, employee benefits review, risk management, tax planning and reduction strategies, portfolio management and diversification strategies.

High Income Professionals Madison, WI EnRich Financial PartnersHigh Income Professionals

Individuals in the midst of careers with household income greater than $200,000 without the time or desire to manage their finances and needing a professional to oversee their affairs. These clients include attorneys, architects, state & local officials, university administrative personnel, and other mid-career professionals.

Retirement Madison, WI EnRich Financial PartnersRetirement

Individuals and married couples who are preparing to retire. They have worked a successful career, have accumulated a nest egg, and are getting ready to withdraw from the nest egg they have worked so hard to accumulate.

Women in Transition Madison, WI EnRich Financial PartnersWomen in Transition

We specialize in working with single women, particularly those who may be managing their finances for the first time due to an inheritance, the loss of their spouse, or a divorce.

Small Business Owners Madison, WI EnRich Financial PartnersSmall Business Owners

Owners of established businesses with fewer than 50 employees. They are focused on growing the business and need help managing their own personal finances, selecting a retirement plan for their business, managing their business and personal risks, and planning for income taxes. They may also have a need to develop a succession plan to sell their business.

Physicians Madison, WI EnRich Financial PartnersPhysicians

We work with physicians and other medical professionals who desire to partner with a Family CFO to manage their household finances. They have retirement planning needs and desire adequate protection for their family.