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Our Fees

EnRich Financial Partners charges a fee based on the amount of money we manage on a client’s behalf or a flat dollar amount a client pays directly. We act as a fiduciary, meaning we act in our clients’ best interest, and the only fee we receive comes from the client.* The following is a description of how we charge for our services.

Full Partnership

Bundled comprehensive financial planning and investment management services for a percentage of assets under management (AUM), deducted quarterly from accounts.

Must have a minimum of $250,000 in investable assets (outside of current company 401(k) plans, equity in home, etc) and invest at least 80% of assets with us.

Includes Strategic Partnership Services and Portfolio Management Services.

Appropriate for someone who needs financial planning services and has accumulated an appropriate amount of investable assets; they view us as their Family CFO.

*In instances where we act as agent on a life insurance or annuity product that we help a client obtain, we may receive a commission. 

The annual percentage rate for Full Partnership Services is calculated based on the following schedule:

Assets Under Management

Annual Fee (%)

First $500,0001.10%
Next $500,0000.80%
Next $4,000,0000.60%
Next $5,000,0000.40%
Next $10,000,0000.30%
Amounts over $20,000,0000.25%

Strategic Partnership

Comprehensive financial planning services only. Flat annual fee, renegotiated annually, calculated as a base minimum of $2,500 + 0.2% of Investable Assets, subject to negotiation.

Appropriate for someone who needs financial planning services, but has not accumulated an appropriate amount of investable assets, or prefers to manage their portfolio on their own.

Portfolio Management Services Only

Investment management services only for a percentage of Assets Under Management. No planning provided. 

Minimum of $250,000 in investable assets.