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Our Investment Philosophy

It takes years of study and experience to understand the investment choices available in today’s market.

Our philosophy provides that expertise to you in a systematic and ongoing way.

After conducting your initial evaluation, we perform an extensive review of your supporting documentation and current holdings. At that point, we know where you are and can begin crafting a map to help you get to where you would like to go. 

The conventional view is that performance comes from identifying “mispriced” securities or accurately predicting economic and market conditions. Our view is quite different. We believe that the market drives return, and portfolio structure and implementation determine performance. A strong belief in markets frees us to think and act differently about investing.

We build portfolios based on the “science” of capital markets. Decades of empirical and academic research have identified persistent factors that drive long-term returns. Because these drivers point to systematic differences in expected returns, portfolios can be structured around these factors in anticipation of capturing premium returns relative to the general market. Simply put, we apply practical investment strategies based on academic research to help investors benefit from what the capital markets offer. Our goal is to deliver an outstanding investment experience to every client with lower costs and greater tax-efficiency.

Our philosophy goes beyond investments.

We believe in working with you as your Family CFO to stay atop the changing market and respond to your needs as they evolve.

We're a nimble company. Our size and skill allow us to capitalize on opportunities when they present themselves. We will suggest creative, effective solutions to unconventional situations that other advisors, frankly, might miss.

We're also an independent company, working only for you. Other advisors may be under constant internal pressure to sell certain fund families, often their own brand or that of a close affiliate. Our independence allows us to seek out the best possible solutions for you.

As a client, you will receive a quarterly portfolio performance report that offers a clear and concise view of your financial picture. Of course, we are always available to personally discuss the report or any planning matter that you may have. Our attentive service is remarkable, but it's also just what you would expect from your Family CFO.