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Our Process

  • Day One

    Discovery Meeting

    We take a comprehensive approach to first understanding your goals, your values, dreams and any special concerns and challenges. We want to know and understand what you are trying to accomplish and possibly even uncover goals that you didn’t even think were possible.

    We then establish your financial profile using our online system, EnVision.

  • two weeks Later

    Wealth Management Plan Meeting

    We meet to present the customized plan that incorporates your goals and values and analyzes your retirement plan, your education funding, tax planning, and other goals. We discuss recommendations and prioritize action items to help you work toward achieving your goals.

    Our system has been developed to organize your financial life so you have access to real-time, on-demand financial data about your own personal finances. 

  • one Month Later

    Investment Strategy Meeting

    We meet to discuss our proposed investment portfolio, complete paperwork, and establish online access. We will also review the investment options available in your employer retirement plan and rebalance according to our proposed investment objective. 

  • six weeks Later

    Estate and Insurance Plan Meeting

    We meet to discuss your current estate plan, or discuss priorities to take into account if you do not already have one. We also review your current insurance coverage to ensure it is adequate and recommend additional coverage, as necessary.

  • Everyday

    Ongoing Relationship

    During the initial stages, we will meet or touch base often. Once we have a sound plan in place, we will want to know of big life events and decisions as they occur. We are always available to discuss. We review and monitor your portfolio on your behalf on a consistent basis. Otherwise, someone on our team will check in at least every 3 months, and we will sit down for a full review meeting at least once per year to ensure the plan is still on track.